Since 1975, Garage has been the go-to destination for on-trend clothing at accessible prices. With our collection of fashion basics like super soft t-shirts, cozy sweaters, comfy hoodies, joggers, leggings, dresses, and jeans, you're sure to find your perfect everyday outfit. Bring your friends and hang with us in-store or shop online at Show off your looks using #iweargarage and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @garageclothing and on Facebook @garage for more fun!

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Vertical Vibes

Read between the lines, stripes are here to stay! Give our bestselling styles the up and down and add these to your outfit lineup asap. Stop by and sh...

The Bungee Cami

With a seamless knit and super-stretchy cord straps, this cami has a serious soft side and the perfect fit to flatter every body. Stop by and shop.

Rain or Shine

From windbreakers to denim classics, we've got your spring jacket game covered. Shop in store today!

Extreme High Rise Denim

Shop in store today and check out our latest styles.

The Paperbag Waist

Shop in store today and check out our latest styles.

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